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Food Production

1. Basic Training Kitchen
As the name suggest, a nursery for budding chefs to imbibe basic culinary skills. The Basic training kitchen at JIHM is spacious one which can accommodate 24 students at a time. Here student prepare the simple menus, all the work stations for the students are equipped with best possible small hand equipment and cooking utensils. The kitchen is mounted with modern exhaust and air cooled system. To develop a habit of personal hygiene, hand wash units as per international norms (as mention in HACCP) are installed outside kitchens.

2. Quantity Training Kitchen:
To prepare food in bulk makes a student more confident as a professional chef. In quantity training kitchen height of gas ranges are kept low as to facilitate volume cooking. The food prepared is consumed by the students in the adjacent dining area. Apart from contemporary equipment like steamers, ovens, slicers, food processors etc that are helpful in preparation of Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisines, there are tandoors and chapatti making facilities- typical to Indian cuisine. All other equipment such as pulverizes, dough kneaders, potato peelers, refrigerators and freezers etc that makes a part of hotel’s main kitchen, are also installed in QTK.

3. Bakery
To ripen basic baking skills in students a well-furnished bakery is in the offering. All necessary equipment like deck oven, convection oven, proving chamber, planetary mixers, dough sheeters, bread slicing machines, refrigerators, moulds, trays and other small accessories are installed in it.

4. Bakery & Confectionary
To further horn their skills, a separate lab is mobilized namely- Bakery and Confectionary. The equipment here are heavy duty industrial type and of internationally acclaimed brands.

5. Advance Training Kitchen:
With all the plans ready and procurement of machineries in progress, this state-of-the-art kitchen shall be ready for operation before beginning of next academic year.

6. Larder
A favourate place for food enthusiasts; a place to learn fabrication of various meats, preparation of cold cuts and salads and bring out the innovations and artists in students. Although required in later stages of the course, major equipment are already placed and the kitchen is ready for operation.

7. Fast Food Restaurant
Although a fast food restaurant is not a mandatory requirement of the programme and more of an add-on facility, a well-furnished fast food restaurant is in offering to students. Equipment like deep fat fryers, grillers, gas ranges, Panini grills, hot cases, Mac-liners (spec liners) etc are provided in this 100 seater quick service restaurant (QSR); after all many students can have ambitions to become entrepreneurs by setting up QSRs and JIET want them to nurture their dream and develop the skills, knowledge and attitude required to be a successful entrepreneur!!!
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